Superstar Success!

August 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

I absolutely love performing. I may not shine in class or at crew, but the stage is mine.

When I first saw the cast list, I wasn’t happy (to say the least). Another ensemble role this summer after scoring the role of Amber in “Hairspray” last fall was hardly a come-up.

I dreaded beginning this summer’s musical from the moment the cast list came out until the first day of rehearsals. However, through the exasperating and frustrating rehearsal process, I somehow grew to love my role as priest one.

For those who are not familiar with the show “Jesus Christ Super Star” (or the bible in general)  the roman priests are anti-jesus (hence the song “Jesus must die). They hate Jesus from the beginning of the show until the end, and are partially responsible for his death.

There is something very thrilling about playing the villain (or bad guy, if you will). Although the audience hates you in the end, and you may have to wear ridiculous black robes, its ultimately the most fun role to play.  Everyone in the priest ensemble embraced their roles with a great deal of enthusiasm, and it definitely paid off.

So if you haven’t already guessed, the show went much better than expected. After a great deal of stress over my misplaced black shoes (which unfortunately never actually turned up) and the verge of a mental breakdown, the show ran smoothly and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Tonight’s run was even better and the energy was sky high.

Despite the stress leading up to last night’s run, I remained faithful to the life lesson I wrote about the other day. I gave my role all I had, and it paid off. People noticed my dedication, and all of the hard work I had put in to developing my character.

I’m eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s final run, the ending is bitter-sweet. This journey has tested my strength as a human being and as an actress, and confirmed my love of theatre.


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