August 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

Another moment of perspective brought to you by yours truly.

In my previous post about Chick-Fil-A, I stressed the importance of viewing controversial situations from different points of view to understand the other perspective. I stand by these principles while I write about my newest revelation.

Before I begin, I’ll advise you to read the entirety of this post, so you don’t get any wrong ideas regarding my morals.

Now, I can begin. This situation involves a boy, so already you’re thinking “okay Heather, cool it with these teenage drama posts”, but bear with me until I get to the bigger picture.

In recent events, I may have become someone along the lines of “The Other Girl.” Like I said, don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not some deceitful girl who steals boyfriends and breaks hearts. However, I perused a “thing” (if you will) with a half-committed guy this summer.

Long story short, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he was involved with a girl who left to go overseas for six weeks nearly six weeks ago.

In the crappy ABC family TV shows that I’d watch while I ate cereal on Sunday mornings, the girl who I have become is the enemy. How often does one get to see from this point of view? I am now able to sympathize with this rival character, I understand how she feels because another thing that the teen drama TV series doesn’t take in to account is that this so called “enemy” girl also gets hurt. When the lovable star of the show returns from her six week leave, where does that leave me? The enemy has only taken an interest in a nice guy. She wasn’t plotting, she certainly wasn’t planning, but in the end she knows she is going to be left behind.

That is, unless, she doesn’t get left behind because this isn’t a TV show. This is reality, and in reality I may just have a chance.


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  • crpeterson says:

    I was “the other girl” once too, about 5 years ago. Wasn’t proud to be a man stealer but from the moment we met we just clicked.

    In 7 months I’ll be marrying the man who broke up with his girlfriend for me 5 years ago.

    So you see, sometimes “the other girl” is “the right girl.” 🙂 (granted I’m not a fan of cheating at all, but if it feels right then he should forget miss overseas and give you two a try)

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