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August 12, 2012 § 1 Comment


For a born and raised New Englander, I posses a strangely misplaced love of the ocean. Don’t get me wrong, vacations on Cape Cod are relaxing and fantastic, but the water can never compare to the thrilling size and strength of the waves here in North Carolina. Although I do plan to cash in on my fair share of tanning time, I also am excited to whip out the boogie board and wash up on the sand until my sandburned  legs and stomach can’t take it any longer. I am excited to dive under enormous crashing waves, and let them pick me up and gently place me down.

Being a human being comes with the unfortunate handicap of having no wings, so being in the water is the closet you’ll ever come to flying. I’ve loved the water from a young age, and have never been afraid to dive right in (despite my many irrational fears as a child). This is why I swam for five years, and this is why I can look past the unpleasantness of salt water in my eyes and adore the beach.

I’ve been snapping many pictures to document my trip, and am excited to share them. Forgive me, as I’m not a photographer (unlike many of the talented aspiring artists on wordpress).


Updates to come!
But while I’m here, tell me your favorite things about the beach, maybe I’ll get some ideas!



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  • crpeterson says:

    You should think about getting SCUBA certified- talk about feeling like you are flying! For 30-40 minutes straight your body floats weightless, letting you twist, turn, roll however you like. You feel like you are floating in space- VERY cool!

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