Makeup: A Double Edged Sword

August 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

After going several days without wearing makeup I have concluded the following: Its incredibly addictive, dangerously so.

As a 16 year old girl, I am in an age group highly susceptible to makeup’s quick effects and strong hold. Once you start applying it, you just can’t stop.

There isn’t a set age when one is allowed to start wearing the stuff, and some women never do. However, others won’t leave the house without that extra layer plastered on to their abused faces. Some may even call it a mask.

My history with makeup begins in the fifth grade when I desperately wanted to wear lip gloss like my friends. Gap was out, and Claire’s was in.  By the sixth grade, most girls carried a small tube of the shiny gloop in their backpack, constantly reapplying to keep their lips sparkling. I had countless tubes of lip gloss, as they were cheap, and constantly getting lost.

However, the real makeup started when high school did. It began with just mascara, and that’s how it stayed most of freshman year. Unfortunately, I was slapped with an onset of horrible acne, so cover up was introduced to hide its long-term effects on my face. Now there were two regulars in my morning makeup routine.

The summer before Sophomore year, I was introduced to yet another piece of makeup for my collection, liquid eyeliner. I started tenth grade with three regulars, which quickly became four when pencil eyeliner made its way in to my life, and five when I discovered the wonders of foundation. Five types of makeup to apply every morning, five aspects of my appearance that weren’t me.

Recently when discussing the addictive nature of makeup with a close friend she said she limited her makeup usage to once or twice a week. When I asked why she answered:

“I want to wear makeup to feel pretty, not feel ugly without it”

Every time I began using a new type of makeup regularly, my face seemed incomplete if I didn’t continue to wear it.  I forgot about the time in my life where I only wore mascara, I figured that I just couldn’t pull off the natural look that so many girls do. I adored the confidence makeup gave me when I began school last year, but it wasn’t real confidence. It was a visage, a mask if you will. My self-security hinged on a couple of bottles and a lot of black goop.

So this year I challenge myself to wear minimal makeup three to four school days a week, and save the liquid eyeliner for days I need that extra boost. I’ll advise other girls to do the same. As cliche as it seems, don’t let something as simple as makeup rule how you feel about yourself.


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