Finding My Voice

August 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

My family has never done much traveling. I’ve been over seas a couple times, only once that I can remember though. As a result of sticking pretty strictly to the northern states, I’ve never been anywhere where my accent seems…foreign. 

I sport a very classic northern monotone, and on top of it, I say wicked. Well, I wouldn’t actually call it a monotone, but its much less expressive than the accents you hear in the south. I’ve actually been down here before, but I’ve never noticed how out of place my voice seems. Is this what its like to come to America from a different country? Or a different region even? There’s some food for thought. 

Aside from the accent, Nags Head is very different from Cambridge. Boston lives up to its unfriendly stereotype, everyone sort of…keeps to themselves. That’s not to say that there aren’t friendly people, because there certainly are, but not as many outwardly friendly people as there are here. Everyone seems more willing to start a conversation. I like it, its refreshing. 


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