I feel…so…OLD

September 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

And the day has arrived. Back to school.

Except this time I’m a junior?

I don’t know when the universe decided I am ready to take on the title of upperclassmen, I definitely was just a freshman a few days ago. I remember entering the auditorium on my first day of high school and seeing the upperclassmen mentors sitting on the stage so clearly. Today, I was sitting on that stage. Today, I gave the freshmen a tour of the school and answered their questions about lockers and bathrooms. Today, I gave a lost kid directions. Since when am I qualified to give directions?

I have to admit, I could get used to this. Feeling this old adds a new layer of confidence to my daily routine, or maybe that’s just me breaking out of the shell that I spent all of middle school developing.

For instance, while meeting with the school chorus teacher today a girl came in asking about the a’capella program. For the first time ever, I introduced myself with a title.

“Hi! I’m Heather and I’m the leader of the A’capella program” 

Naturally this was followed by the abrupt realization that I actually am leading something, and minor freak out (ohmygodthatisstillsostrangetosay!).

I couldn’t feel more on top of my game, but I haven’t even gotten started. Tomorrow I’ll be thrown in to my first AP class. Plus, audition week is quickly approaching. My summer slump has come to an abrupt end, but I am ready to get organized (why do I love organizing so much?) and get back on my game for school.

Will I survive this year? I’ll keep you posted!


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