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I’ve met my match. Pre-calculus, I do hope you realize the horrible things that you’re about to do to my GPA are banging a huge dent in my future. Come on, no one likes an Algebra 2.

I remember the time when I was good at math, this era ended when fractions were introduced. My first memory of being the last one finished is set at my third grade desk, hunched over my failed attempts to make sense of a problem while my finished classmates sat waiting on the rug. Eight years later, I remain in the classroom long after hours finishing quizzes, or coming in early for extra help. Ironically, I spent the more time in my Algebra 2 classroom last year than any other, even though it was my least favorite class by far.

Numbers have never clicked with me. I shouldn’t complain because my math grades are decent, but I can’t reason these problems the way my peers can. How do they remember all of these crazy rules? How do they reason these masses of symbols that I can’t even decipher? And most of all, how the hell do they do it so fast?! It’s like some crazy race where everyone bursts off the start line, and I’m left choking on a cloud of dust.

It doesn’t help that I can’t shake the feeling that I’ll never use any of this. I know my career is following the English trail, so I’m not really sure where dilating a parabola is going to come in to play. Don’t even get me started about logs and matrices.

I can’t let math win this time around. To anyone out there who struggles like I do: a couple words of advice.

1. Get a tutor. Your teacher isn’t going to spend the one on one time that you need with you during class, so hire someone who you can. College students work for twenty bucks an hour.

2. Make the math class your home away from home. If your teacher is offering extra time, take it. Take all of it. They may hate you for making them stay in the building with you until 4:00, but it’s worth taking the time to push for that decent quiz grade. Come in before school too, be the first person they see bright and early

Okay precalc, lets go.


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